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the hellish vortex gmbh

eat your heart out records

atari teenage riot

the hellish vortex online store


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merchandising design:


eat your heart out rec.

the hellish vortex store 

atari teenage riot

alec empire

nic endo

special limited edition releases / atari teenage riot webstore

the hellish vortex silk screen series


artdirection and conceptual design //

album artwork and  designs for promotional campaigns:


"is this hyperreal?" - atari teenage riot

"futurist" - alec empire  (full length album) 

"the golden foretaste of heaven" - alec empire  (full length album)

"eat your heart out" party series

"16 years of video material - atari teenage riot / alec empire" (DVD)

"transducers!" filmfestival

"reset" - atari teenage riot

"artrocker magazin" (UK) - cover

"series 01" the hellish vortex screen printed limited edition series

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